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About Colin Caryk

Demand better; no one will work harder for you!

These words are far more than a Tagline, they are my personal philosophy and guarantee.

I work for you and your interests, my job is to minimize risk, make or save you money and be effective with your time. I work for YOU and if I’m not doing my job, you can let me go.

With over 30 years as a sales professional and consultant, I have never lost sight of who I work for, and it is the single most important reason I am successful.

I will provide you:
• with the latest rules and legal contracts to protect your investment,
• industry insights and statistics to back up the numbers
• and I will fully inform you of your choices, so you can make informed decisions.

I have lived on and off ‘The Rock’ since 1990, I know it, I love it, and can speak to that with intelligence and passion, I don’t believe there is a better place on earth to call home!

As a single father, I raised both of my sons and saw them graduate from college. Both are on their own now and are contributing to society...yes I am a proud father. With that part of the job being finished (is being a parent ever over?) I have started to allow myself to make my own dreams of adventure and travel begin. I have crossed several places off my bucket list – most recently Mexico and Latin America with backpack and hiking boots!

Whether you’re buying and selling for the first time, or are a seasoned vet, The business of Real Estate need not be stressful or exhausting, and If I can leave you with one nugget of information - after the down's just rent.

You can take comfort in knowing that I will always communicate, inform and tell you the truth. I will look after your interests.

Rest Assured.
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Demand Better. No one will work harder for you.